Silicon Students is an organization building a student startup community. We elaborate programs, events and we produce content online with the goal to lead to more venture creation by young people driven by team dynamics, ambition and the willingness to have an international reach.

Our main international programs and events are:


Student Warm-Up is an international event series organized for students before major conferences with two goals.

  • Increase the number of cross-crountry initiatives for students interested about entrepreneurship
  • Encourage more students to go to major conferences such as LeWeb, DLD, Web Summit, TheNextWeb Conference with talks from speakers of such events.

5 events have been organized so far in Paris (before LeWeb’11 & LeWeb’12), Munich (before DLD) and Amsterdam (before TheNextWeb Conference) and London (before LeWeb’13 London).


9-week summer program, for interns and aspiring entrepreneurs taking place in San Francisco for international students. The goal is to create a highly favorable environment for the creation of startup teams as well as a teamwork-based framework, which enables participants to discover others with similar interests and complementary skills.

Startup Dream Team appeared in The Next Web, ForbesTechcocktailSkatterTech and featured speakers like Drew HoustonHiten ShahMike Maples & Robert Scoble

Some notable tech entrepreneurs and VCs who were involved in other Silicon Students activities were David Marcus, Naveen Jain, Tony Hsieh, Matt Mullenweg, Jeff Lawson and Dave Morin in this video series as well Jeff Clavier and Tony Conrad in our latest conference in Paris.

Watch Silicon Students presentation by co-founder Pierre-Simon Ntiruhungwa during LeWeb Student Warm-Up’12:

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